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Gannet Hallar, Ph.D.
Lab Director



P.O. Box 882530
Steamboat Springs, CO 80488


Publications by Year


Svenhag, C., Sporre, M.K., Olenius, T., Yazgi, D., Blichner, S.M., Nieradzik, L.P. and Roldin, P., 2024.
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Measurements, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, submitted 2024.
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Mercury Measurements; ES&T, submitted 2024. 
Lee, C. F., Eligar, T., David, L. M., Wilmot, T. Y., Reza, M., Hirshorn, N., ... & Volkamer, R. (2024). Elevated
Tropospheric Iodine over the Central Continental United States: Is Iodine a Major Oxidant of
Atmospheric Mercury?. Authorea Preprints.


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