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Recent publications & Research awards

Students, staff, and faculty in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences have completed many research papers and faculty have garnered research grants from many sources. Here is a recent sample.

recent publications

  • Title: Evaluation of IMERG-E Precipitation Estimates for Fire Weather Applications in Alaska 
  • Authors: Taylor A. Gowan; John D. Horel
  • Publication: Wea. Forecasting (2020) 35 (5): 1831–1843.
  • Link:
  • Title: Incorporating a Canopy Parameterization within a Coupled Fire-Atmosphere Model to Improve a Smoke Simulation for a Prescribed Burn
  • Authors: Derek V. Mallia ,Adam K. Kochanski ,Shawn P. Urbanski ,Jan Mandel ,Angel Farguell  andSteven K. Krueger 
  • Publication: Atmosphere 2020, 11(8), 832
  • Link:


  • Title: The Association of Media and Environmental Variables with Transit Ridership
  • Authors: Daniel L. Mendoza ,Martin P. Buchert,Tabitha M. Benney  and John C. Lin 
  • Publication: Vehicles 2020, 2(3), 507-522; 
  • Link:



Last Updated: 8/17/20