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Recent Publications & Research Awards

Students, staff, and faculty in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences have completed many research papers and faculty have garnered research grants from many sources. Here is a recent sample.

Recent Publications

  • An Interpolation Method to Reduce the Computational Time in the Stochastic Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Modeling of Spatially Dense XCO2 Retrievals
  • Local and remote response of ozone to Arctic stratospheric circulation extremes
  • Variations in the Frequency of Stratospheric Sudden Warmings in CMIP5 and CMIP6 and Possible Causes
  • Air Pollution-Related Health Impacts on Individuals Experiencing Homelessness: Environmental Justice and Health Vulnerability in Salt Lake County, Utah
    • Authors: Angelina L. DeMarco, Rebecca Hardenbrook, Jeff Rose and Daniel L. Mendoza
    • Publication: Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17(22), 8413
    • Link:

  • Evaluation of IMERG-E Precipitation Estimates for Fire Weather Applications in Alaska 
  • Evaluating Wildfire Smoke Transport Within a Coupled Fire‐Atmosphere Model Using a High‐Density Observation Network for an Episodic Smoke Event Along Utah's Wasatch Front
    • Authors: Derek V. Mallia, Adam K. Kochanski, Kerry E. Kelly, Ross Whitaker, Wei Xing, Logan E. Mitchell, Alex Jacques, Angel Farguell, Jan Mandel, Pierre‐Emmanuel Gaillardon, Tom Becnel, Steven K. Krueger
    • Publication: JGR: Atmospheres 2020, 125(20)
    • Link:
  • Incorporating a Canopy Parameterization within a Coupled Fire-Atmosphere Model to Improve a Smoke Simulation for a Prescribed Burn
    • Authors: Derek V. MalliaAdam K. Kochanski, Shawn P. UrbanskiJan MandelAngel Farguell and Steven K. Krueger 
    • Publication: Atmosphere 2020, 11(8), 832
    • Link:
  • The Association of Media and Environmental Variables with Transit Ridership
Last Updated: 6/16/21