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Education and Outreach

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

Storm Peak Laboratory hosts atmospheric science and hydrology field courses from a multitude of universities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Colorado State University, University of Colorado, University of Nevada, and University of Wisconsin courses are common at SPL.

These classes are designed to give students experience in all facets of atmospheric science or hydrology, from development of the research proposal and experiment to project planning and final reporting. The students participate in experiments and their class projects incorporate data from the state-of-the art science instrumentation at Storm Peak Laboratory.

Overall, SPL provides a practical, easily accessible facility for researchers, teachers, and students of all ages and abilities.


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SPL Education and Outreach



Gannet Hallar, Ph.D.
Lab Director



P.O. Box 882530
Steamboat Springs, CO 80488


Last Updated: 4/25/24