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Prospective Undergraduate Students

Atmospheric Sciences seeks to understand the behavior and predictability of the Earth's atmosphere and requires a good foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. The undergraduate Atmospheric Sciences major combines required courses in these areas with advanced courses in meteorology, climate, and related disciplines to develop an academic background that is appropriate for a variety of employment opportunities. Our program encourages the development of technical skills (writing, speaking, computer) that will lead to productive careers and prepares students for the pursuit of advanced degrees in the atmospheric or related sciences.

Majors develop a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, and chemistry during the first two years and then study dynamic, physical, and synoptic meteorology, as well as climate processes, during the junior and senior years. A unique aspect of our program is its emphasis on mountain weather and climate, which is a natural extension of the geographic setting of the University of Utah. Majors also become conversant in fields such as hydrology, air pollution, computer science, and communications. The Atmospheric Sciences Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree satisfies the requirements for employment as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, and many of our graduates have moved on to atmospheric science or environmental science careers in the government and private sectors.

Students must meet with an Atmospheric Sciences advisor at least once a year.

Prospective students can contact the Department at (801) 581-6136 or

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Last Updated: 4/30/21