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Atmospheric Sciences General Education Courses

The following Atmospheric Sciences courses meet general education or baccalaureate requirements at the University of Utah:


Course Number Course Title Designation Description Schedule
ATMOS 1010 Severe and Unusual Weather SF Survey of the fundamentals of atmospheric science with an emphasis on severe and hazardous weather including hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash floods, and snowstorms. (3 units) Offered fall, spring, and summer semesters
ATMOS 1020 Climate Change SF Explores the natural and human induced variations in the Earth's climate. Emphasis will be placed on the evidence underlying climate change and the factors that control Earth's climate. Topics range from climate of the Earth's history, present-day global warming, climatic effects of volcanic eruptions, to impacts of climate change on hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and droughts. (3 units) Offered fall and spring semesters
ATMOS 3100 Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution IR

The course will apply basic principles of physics and chemistry to quantitatively describe the processes that control the chemical composition and evolution of the Earth's atmosphere. Special topics include acid rain, the ozone hole, photochemical smog production, health effects of air pollution, and alternative energy sources. (3 units)

Prerequisites: CHEM 1210 and MATH 1220

Offered spring semesters 
ATMOS 5000 Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences QI

An intermediate-level introduction to the atmospheric sciences for both atmospheric science majors and other scientists and engineers. Topics include the structure of atmosphere, atmospheric thermodynamics, cloud physics, radiative transfer, and atmospheric dynamics. (3 units)

Prerequisites: MATH 1220 and PHYS 2210

Offered fall semesters
ATMOS 5100 Introduction to Atmospheric Dynamics QI

Introduction to atmospheric fluid dynamics, including fundamental forces, conservation laws, governing equations, circulation and vorticity. (3 units)

Prerequisite: ATMOS 5000

Offered spring semesters
ATMOS 5200 Physical Meteorology III: Cloud Physics QI

Aerosol production and removal, cloud and precipitation formation, mixing and turbulence. (1.5 units)

Prerequisite: ATMOS 5000

Offered fall 2nd half semesters
ATMOS 5495 Biophysical Ecology QI

This quantitative-intensive lecture and laboratory course will examine the physical environment (light, wind, temperature, humidity) in which plants, animals, and soil organisms live, how the physical environment affects their physiological function, and how organisms in turn affect their physical environment. (4 units)

Prerequisites: BIOL 2010 and CHEM 1220 and MATH 1220 and PHYS 2010

Offered fall semesters in odd years
Last Updated: 7/27/20