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Math and Science Prerequisite Courses

The following math and science courses are required for all students pursuing the B.S. degree in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah.


Course Number Course Title Description Prerequisites
MATH 1210 Calculus I Functions and their graphs, differentiation of polynomial, rational and trigonometric functions. Velocity and acceleration. Geometric applications of the derivative, minimization and maximization problems, the indefinite integral, and an introduction to differential equations. The definite integral and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.. (4 credits) Prerequisites: "C" or better in ((MATH 1050 AND MATH 1060) OR MATH 1080) OR AP Calculus AB score of 3 or better OR Accuplacer CLM score of 90 or better OR ACT Math score of 28 or better OR SAT Math score of 630 or better.
MATH 1220 Calculus II Geometric applications of the integral, logarithmic, and exponential functions, techniques of integration, conic sections, improper integrals, numerical approximation techniques, infinite series and power series expansions, differential equations (continued). (4 credits) Prerequisites: "C" or better in (MATH 1210 OR MATH 1250 OR MATH 1270 OR MATH 1311 OR MATH 1310) OR AP Calculus AB score of at least 4 OR AP Calculus BC score of at least 3.
MATH 2210 Calculus III

Vectors in the plane and in 3-space, differential calculus in several variables, integration and its applications in several variables, vector fields and line, surface, and volume integrals. Green's and Stokes' theorems. (3 credits)

Prerequisites: "C" or better in (MATH 1220 OR MATH 1250 OR MATH 1320) OR AP Calculus BC score of at least 4.
MATH 2250 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

This is a hybrid course which teaches the allied subjects of linear algebra and differential equations.  These topics underpin the mathematics required for most students in the Colleges of Science, Engineering, Mines & Earth Science. (3 credits)

Prerequisites: "C" or better in (MATH 2210 OR MATH 1260 OR MATH 1280 OR MATH 1321 OR MATH 1320 OR ((MATH 1220 OR MATH 1250 OR MATH 1270 OR MATH 1311 OR AP Calculus BC score of 5) AND PHYS 2210 OR PHYS 3210)).
CHEM 1210 General Chemistry I

Three lectures, two discussions per week.  Fundamentals of chemistry emphasizing descriptive and modern applied chemistry for science and engineering majors.  Topics include atomic theory, molecular bonding, and reaction chemistry. (4 credits)

Prerequisites:"C-"or better in(CHEM 1200 OR MATH(1050 OR 1080 OR 1210 OR 1220 OR 1250 OR 1260 OR 1310 OR 1320 OR 1311 OR 1321 OR 2250))OR(Accuplacer CLM of 75+ OR Math ACT of 25+ OR Math SAT of 600+ OR AP Calc AB/BC of at least 2).
CHEM 1215 General Chemistry Laboratory I

One lecture and one 3 hour lab per week. Must be taken concurrently with CHEM 1210. (1 credit)

Corequisites: "C-" or better in (CHEM 1210 OR CHEM 1211) OR AP Chem score of at least 3.
PHYS 2210 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I

Three lectures and two recitations weekly. Designed to give science and engineering students a thorough understanding of the basic physical laws and their consequences. Classic mechanics will be introduced, including methods of energy, momentum, angular momentum, and Newtonian gravity. Applications will include mechanical oscillations, sound, and wave motion. Those engineering students who have not had calculus before (high school or college-level course), need to see an engineering advisor. (4 credits)

Prerequisite:  A grade of "C" or better in MATH 1210.
PHYS 2215 Physics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers I

Teaches laboratory skills needed by scientists and engineers. Measurement, data analysis, computer graphics display, experimental design and report writing, experimental procedures and results. Experiments in mechanics and waves. Laboratory designed to accompany PHYS 2210. (1 credits)

Corequisite: Enrollment in PHYS 2210
PHYS 2220 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II

Three lectures and two recitations weekly. The continuation of PHYS 2210.  Electrostatics, electric fields, and potential. Magnetic fields and Faraday's law.  Current flow, resistance, capacitance and inductance. Electric circuits and electromagnetic oscillations. Electromagnetic waves, geometric and physical optics. (4 credits)

Prerequisites:  PHYS 2210 and MATH 1220.
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