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    Spring Semester Seminars 3:00-4:15 Wed 110 INSCC        
Month Day Seminar title Speaker Organization Webinar In Person
Jan 11 None (AMS)        
Jan 18 Diurnal Variations of Convection in Tropical Cyclones Weixin Xu Sun Yat-sen University, China   X
Jan  23 Design of a convection-cloud chamber for exploring
interactions between aerosols, clouds and precipitation:
A proposed national user facility
Raymond Shaw Michigan Technological University   X
Jan  25 Why Are the Most Intense
Thunderstorms Where They Are on Earth?
Stephen Nesbitt University of Illinois   X
Feb 1 From Work as a Military Aviation Forecaster to a University Researcher David Sladek University of Defence, Czech Republic   X
Feb  8 Studying Cloud Processes with Multi-Spectral, Multi-Angle, and Multi-Polarization Observations from a Single Platform Jerome Riedi Universit√© de Lille, France   X
Feb 15 Tropical precipitation and its environmental controls: reverse-engineering the physics from statistics Fiaz Ahmed University of California   X
Feb 22 Toward Replacing Current NWP with Deep Learning Weather Prediction and Extensions to Full Earth-System Model Dale Durran University of Washington X  
Mar  1   Qiang Fu University of Washington x  
Mar  8 Spring Break        
Mar  15   John Lin Atmospheric Sciences   X
Mar  18 75th Anniversary Celebration: All Invited!   Atmospheric Sciences   X
Mar  22   Jessica Haskins Atmospheric Sciences   X
Mar  29   Alison Dernbach NEON-Onaqui   X
Apr 5 Grad Presentations R. Beal, L. Kunik, A McCutchan Atmospheric Sciences   X
Apr 12   Greg McFarquhar University of Oklahoma   X
Apr 19   Thomas DeWitt Atmospheric Sciences   X
Apr 26 Graduation Celebration! Department Atmospheric Sciences   X
Last Updated: 2/10/23