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Great Salt Lake Nears Extreme Low

The Great Salt Lake has been gradually shrinking over the past few decades and the current drought throughout the West has only caused it to shrink further. Kevin Perry, a professor in the Atmospheric Sciences Department at the University of Utah, discussed some of the dangers that are increasing as the lake level drops and exposes the dry lakebed. These included arsenic-laced dust from the lakebed that contribute to bad air quality and accelerated snow melt, less habitat for wildlife such as pelicans, reduction in brine shrimp, and inability for sailing on the lake. Dr. Perry shared his research and findings with Lindsay Whitehurst of AP News in the story found here:

The video below shows portions of the AP News interview with Dr. Perry and can also be seen at this link:

The same story was shared locally on KSL NewsRadio here:

Dr. Perry was also interviewed by CNN, with parts of the interview being shown on this video here: He was also quoted in an article found here:

Last Updated: 7/27/21