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Google Street View Cars to Map Out Air Pollution

Research Assistant Professor Logan Mitchell explains the capabilities of the Google Street View Cars to measure air pollution. (Photo courtesy of Deseret News)

Google & U of U ATMOS

Google's "Air View" program has partnered with the College of Mines and Earth Sciences and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences to contribute to air pollution research. Google Street View Cars equipped with sensors to measure air pollutants have started to drive the neighborhoods to show how air pollution varies by street, elevation, demographics, and other characteristics and to aid in developing solutions to reducing air pollution. 

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences is one of only two current partners with the Air View program, the other being Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, but the program has participated in research in Oakland, California, Houston, Texas, and various other locations.

For more info about the U's participation in Google's Air View program, check out the UNews article:

Professor John Lin, Research Assistant Professor Logan Mitchell, and Senior Lab Specialist Ryan Bares explained to the public on May 15th the Google Cars capabilities to measure air pollution and answered any questions. The College of Mines and Earth Sciences was there to document this event, along with multiple news agencies. Links to these stories and news clips are found below:





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Last Updated: 7/27/20