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Brian Blaylock Visits 6th Grade Class

One of the Department's Ph.D students, Brian Blaylock, visited a 6th grade class in American Fork, Utah to talk about and present some
information about the weather. With the recent addition of teaching weather to the 6th grade science curriculum, Brian's visit was a great addition to this class's study of the weather and climate.

The most exciting part, in Brian's opinion, was the demonstration of the windsonde instrument outside. A windsonde is an instrument that is attached to weather balloons and measures meteorological variables, such as temperature, relative humidity, altitude, etc. He asked one of the students to "be a weather balloon" and run with the windsonde to the other side of the field. Then he and the rest of the students watched the temperature change on the computer. Brian thought that the student with the windsonde would run straight to the end of the field and then back. But as you can see through the graphs, the student was running all over the place.


Overall, the 6th Grade students really enjoyed Brian's visit and Brian was happy to share his passion for the weather and climate as these students continue learning more about the weather in class.

Last Updated: 7/27/20