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ATMOS Core Graduate Courses

The following ATMOS courses are required for all graduate students pursuing a M.S. or Ph.D. degree in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah.  The only exception is for direct admission into the Ph.D. program via the Category D admission process.


Course Number Course Title Description Schedule
ATMOS 6010 Fundamentals of Dynamic Meteorology

Introduction into dynamic meteorology, including the primitive equations, scale analysis, rotational effects, boundary layers, quasi-geostrophy, and atmospheric waves. (3 units)

Prerequisite: Graduate standing or instructor's consent. 

Offered fall semesters 
ATMOS 6020 Fundamentals of Physical Meteorology

Overview of fundamental physical processes in the atmospheric sciences. Topics include thermodynamics, radiative transfer, and cloud microphysics. (3 units)

Prerequisite: Graduate standing or instructor's consent. 

Offered fall semesters
ATMOS 6030 Climate Dynamics

Analysis of the Earth climate system consisting of the atmosphere, the oceans, and the land surfaces. Topics include the global energy balance, the hydrological cycle, the general circulation, atmospheric radiative transfer, and natural and anthropogenic climate change. (3 units)

Prerequisite: MATH 1210 AND (graduate standing OR instructor's consent). 

Offered spring semesters
ATMOS 7810 Graduate Seminar

Presentation of scholarly works of faculty, graduate students, and external scientists. (1 unit, repeatable up to 10 units)

Prerequisite: Graduate standing required. 

Offered fall and spring semesters
Last Updated: 4/30/21