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Honors College Praxis Lab: Anthropocene Now 

The Honors College Praxis Lab "Anthropocene Now" aims to help the University of Utah reach its goal of carbon neutrality. We hope to contribute to the already existing efforts by improving thermostat efficiency. Check out the links on this website to learn more about operating your thermostat, the goals of our praxis lab, or how to connect with us and get involved.

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What is the Anthropocene?


Objectives of Anthropocene Now Praxis Lab

  1. Help the University of Utah achieve its carbon neutrality goal of 2050, and hopefully sooner.
  2. Survey University students, faculty, and staff about their understanding of thermostats and how to use them properly.
  3. Educate campus community about the steps and achievements already made by the University towards carbon neutrality.
  4. Carry out campaign to help community members learn how to use thermostats on and off campus properly and effectively to decrease energy use, save money, and increase comfort.

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Guests on KRCL Radio Active: (time 43:40 - 51:10)

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 February 11th, 2020 - Air Quality and Active Citizenship Forum


March 4th, 2020 - Jonathan Franzen Award - SLC Public Library @ 7 pm


April 10th, 2020 - Praxis Lab Summit - Virtual Presentation


June 23-24th, 2020 - Pac-12 Sustainability Conference - Rice-Eccles Stadium

Last Updated: 4/30/21