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Uintah Basin Field Trip


Students touring an Anadarko Petroleum gas well pad

Learning About How Gas Wells Operate

Honors Praxis Lab students learn how natural gas wells operate from an employee of Anadarko Petroleum (Vernal, UT).  The students toured this old-style well-pad that has a large footprint.  They later toured smaller well-pads that utilize directional drilling techniques to dramatically reduce the footprint size.

Tyler Cain holding a Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG)

Learning How Pipelines Are Maintained

Student Tyler Cain holds a Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) which is used to remove accumulated water in the pipeline system.  Water in the pipeline system is the primary cause of corrosion.


BLM Field Office in Vernal, Utah

Learning About Oil And Gas Leases

Michael Stiewig, the Bureau of Land Management Field Office Manager (Vernal, UT), provides the students with an overview of the complicated oil and gas leasing process.  Land in the Uintah Basin is split between privately-owned land, Federal land, Federally-managed land, Tribal land, and State Trust land.

Meeting with Utah State University Air Quality Researchers

Learning About Air Quality Research

Researchers at the Bingham Research Center (Utah State University - uintah Basin) share some of their research into local air quality issues. More information about their research projects can be found here.



Vernal Citizen Activist Tom Elder

Learning What The Locals Think

Tom Elder, a local citizen activist residing in Vernal Utah, shares his perspectives on how air quality has been impacted in the Uintah Basin due to the extensive oil and gas development that has occurred in the region during the last decade.

Dinosaur National Park

Visiting the Long-Term Residents

No trip to the Uintah Basin is complete without visiting Dinosaur National Monument and its world famous wall of bones.

Last Updated: 6/14/19