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Health Effects of Particulate Matter Educational Video

The Honors Praxis Lab students paired with talented whiteboard artist, Sarah Moyle, and Breathe Utah to create the following educational video. This video is designed to be used by K-8 teachers.  A lesson plan is currently being developed by volunteers at Breathe Utah to accompany the video.  The video was narrated by the Dean of the Honors College, Dr. Sylvia Torti, in both English and Spanish.  The honors students wanted the video to reach the widest possible audience and thought that producing it in both English and Spanish would accomplish this goal.  The video introduces a PM2.5 particle named Smidge and follows it on a journey from its source regions to its receptor site (i.e., the lungs, the bloodstream, and the brain).  The video also provides helpful suggestions on behavioral changes that will lead to improved air quality.  

Beware of Smidge: How Bad Air Affects You

Last Updated: 6/14/19