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What Can we SEE Routinely?

 4 September 2019: Elevated Ozone

Elevated ozone concentrations were observed by both train cars across the northern portion of the Salt Lake Valley during the afternoon.  An advancing lake breeze and lake-influenced boundary layer to the north, along with the Green Ravine Fire burning at the northern end of the Oquirrh Mountains, may have contributed to the elevated concentrations.  Much lower concentrations were observed across the southern portions of the valley.

 5 January 2019: Elevated PM2.5

Elevated PM2.5 observations were observed during a persistent cold air pool event that began 3 January.  Into the afternoon and evening of 5 January the polluted stable layer began to erode, resulting in large variations in PM2.5 concentrations at different locations across the valley.  Near zero concentrations are seen in the southwest corner of the valley, while elevated concentrations are seen across the remainder.  Concentration variations are also seen in the TRAX observations along the Green Line route.

Last Updated: 4/30/21