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Haiyan Jiang, Ph.D.


Research Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences 

Atmospheric Sciences
University of Utah
135 S 1460 East Rm 819 (WBB)
Salt Lake City, Ut 84112-0110

Office: 804 WBB
Office Phone: (801) 587-9089
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2004 Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Utah
1995 M.S., Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
1992 B.S., Atmospheric Physics, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, China


Research Keywords, Regions of Interest and Languages:

Keywords: Tropical Cyclones; Precipitation (5); Remote Sensing (15)
Languages: Chinese (28); English (131)

Research Projects

A TRMM-based Tropical Cyclone Database [details]

This is a NASA funded project under the NASA Hurricane Science Research Program (HSRP). Under this project, we create and maintain a 11-yr (1998-2008, possibly more) TRMM-based global Tropical Cyclone Precipitation Feature (TCPF) database with QuikSCAT sea surface wind and numerical model-based reanalysis parameters on a common framework and make it available to the hurricane science team for tropical cyclone studies. Using this database, impacts of hot towers and convective bursts and environmental factors on tropical cyclone rapid intensification are examined. (Project period: 02/2009-01/2013)

Collaborators: Chuntao Liu;
Edward Zipser;

Project Grants:HSRP: NASA 2009

TC Rainfall and Environmental Factors [details]

This project is funded by the NASA New Investigator Program (NIP) in Earth Science. It includes 2/3 of research and 1/3 of k-12 outreach. The research is designed to address some key scientific issues and to help bridge the gaps in understanding that currently exist between precipitation, environmental forcing, and convection in tropical cyclones using the 9-yr TRMM and large-scale model analysis database. The results will quantify the different impacts of environmental influences and convective events on tropical cyclone rainfall for over-land and over-ocean stages. In the education plan, we have designed a severe weather teaching module for k-12 students and sent a WEST fellow graduate student, Ellen Ramirez, to elementary classrooms to help kids learning weather-related science.(Project period: 07/2008-06/2011)
Project Web

Project Grants:NIP: NASA 2008

Tropical Cyclone Rainfall and Inland Flooding [details]

This is a NASA funded project under the Precipitation Measuring Mission (PMM) program. The central goal of this project is to quantify differences and similarities of tropical cyclone rainfall distribution over land and sea and understand the relationship between hurricane landfall flooding and its rainfall potential when the storm is over ocean. Environmental factors influencing the magnitude and distribution of tropical cyclone landfall precipitation will also be examined. (Project period: 06/2007-05/2010).

Collaborators: Edward Zipser;
Jeff Halverson, (UMBC)

Project Grants:PMM: NASA 2007


2008 NASA New Investigator Award in Earth Science - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

2006 Travel Award for the Workshop on Tropical Cyclone and Climate - National Science Foundation - NSF

2003 NASA Earth System Science Fellowship Award - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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