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Courtenay Strong, Ph.D.

Courtenay Strong

Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences 

Atmospheric Sciences
University of Utah
135 S 1460 East Rm 819 (WBB)
Salt Lake City, Ut 84112-0110

Office: 702 WBB
My Website:

2005 Ph.D. University of Virginia


Selected Publications:

Dependence of NAO variability on coupling with sea ice  (Journal Article), 2010
[citation]  [text]

Observed feedback between winter sea ice and the North Atlantic Oscillation  (Journal Article), 2010
[citation]  [text]

The role of Rossby wave breaking in shaping the equilibrium atmospheric circulation response to North Atlantic boundary forcing  (Journal Article), 2010
[citation]  [text]

Modeled boreal winter sea ice variability and the North Atlantic Oscillation: a multi-century perspective  (Journal Article), 2009
[citation]  [text]

The role of tropospheric Rossby wave breaking in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation  (Journal Article), 2009
[citation]  [text]

Comment on "Historical trends in the jet streams" by C. L. Archer and K. Caldeira  (Journal Article), 2008
[citation]  [text]

How Rossby wave breaking over the Pacific forces the North Atlantic Oscillation  (Journal Article), 2008
[citation]  [text]

Tropospheric Rossby wave breaking and the NAO / NAM  (Journal Article), 2008
[citation]  [text]

Variability in the position and strength of winter jet stream cores related to Northern Hemisphere teleconnections  (Journal Article), 2008
[citation]  [text]

Temperature-related trends in the vertical position of the summer upper tropospheric surface of maximum wind  (Journal Article), 2007
[citation]  [text]

Winter jet stream trends over the Northern Hemisphere  (Journal Article), 2007
[citation]  [text]

Variability in the altitude of fast upper tropospheric winds over the Northern Hemisphere during winter  (Journal Article), 2006
[citation]  [text]

Daytime cycle of low-level clouds and the tropical convective boundary layer in southwestern Amazonia  (Journal Article), 2005
[citation]  [text]

The surface of maximum wind as an alternative to the isobaric surface for wind climatology  (Journal Article), 2005
[citation]  [text]

Reactive hydrocarbon flux footprints during canopy senescence  (Journal Article), 2004
[citation]  [text]

Thermodynamic attributes of Arctic boundary layer ozone depletion  (Journal Article), 2002
[citation]  [text]

Research Statement

I am interested in climate dynamics - especially feedback processes, climate change processes, and interactions between climate system components. My research work includes evaluation of observational data and evaluation of model data from sources ranging from linear stochastic difference equations to fully coupled global climate models. My specific research areas include the relationship between sea ice dynamics and atmospheric circulation variability, Pacific atmosphere-ocean feedback, the role of tropospheric Rossby wave breaking in the North Atlantic Oscillation and Northern Annular Mode, and historical trends in the position and strength of jet streams

Courses I Teach

ATMOS 5910 Special Topics


2008 James R. Holton Junior Scientist Award - American Geophysical Union

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