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B.S. Degree Requirements

I. General Information

A total of 122.5 credit hours are required for the major. Students will need to complete the following four components to satisfy the University and Departmental degree requirements:

  • General Education/Baccalaureate Courses
  • Lower-Division Required Courses
  • Upper-Division Required Courses
  • Capstone Experience

Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher and receive a grade of C or higher in all MATH courses and a grade of C- or higher in all other courses required for the major. Students should plan on meeting with an academic advisor each semester to ensure efficient progress toward the degree. 


II. General Education/Baccalaureate Courses*

Students may use the information provided below or refer to this worksheet when completing the General Education/Baccalaureate Requirements.

  • Writing Requirements (WR1 and WR2): WRTG 1010 and WRTG 2010
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QR): MATH 1210 and MATH 1220 
  • American Institutions (AI): 1 course
  • Social/Behavioral Science Exploration (BF): 2 courses
  • Humanities Exploration (HF): 2 courses
  • Fine Arts Exploration (FF): 2 courses
  • Physical/Life Sciences Exploration (SF): ATMOS 1010 and ATMOS 1020
    • Meets SF Requirement and a Lower-Division Requirement.
  • Upper-Division Communication/Writing (CW): 1 course chosen from WRTG 3014, WRTG 3015, PHYS 4910, or GEO 3200

  • Diversity Requirement (DV)
    • Students are encouraged to take a Diversity course that also fulfills Fine Arts (FF), Humanities (HF), or Social/Behavioral Science (BF) Requirements .
  • International Requirement (IR): ATMOS 3100
    • Meets both the IR requirement and a Lower-Division Requirement
  • Quantitative Intensive BS Requirement (QI)
    • Upper Division required courses will fulfill this requirement for majors.


 *The General Education/Baccalaureate information shown above is intended to be complementary, but subordinate to the policies of the Office of Undergraduate Studies


III. Lower-Division Required Courses

Many of these courses also fulfill General Education/Baccalaureate Requirements. Please see information above.

  • ATMOS 1010, 1020, 3000, 3010, 3100, 3200 (15 units)
  • MATH 1210, 1220, 2210, 2250 (15 units)
  • CHEM 1210, 1215 (5 units)
  • PHYS 2210, 2215, 2220 (9 units)

42.5 Total Units of Lower-Division Courses  


IV. Upper-Division Required Courses

  • ATMOS 5000, 5020, 5040, 5050 (8 units)

  • ATMOS 5100, 5110, 5120, 5130, 5140 (10 units)

  • ATMOS Electives (10 units)

  • Technical Electives (21 units, may be additional ATMOS electives)

    • Technical electives must be selected in consultation with an advisor and are based on the career objectives of the student.

50.5 Total Units of Upper-Division Courses


V. Synthesizing Capstone Experience Requirement

ATMOS 5900 (2 units) Must be approved by Department. May include:

  • An undergraduate research project
  • A capstone course
  • An internship focused on a career in the atmospheric sciences or closely related field
  • Work experience closely related to the atmospheric sciences

Please see an academic advisor for more information.

Last Updated: 2/12/20