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Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences is committed to fostering discovery, education, service, and achievement in a diverse and inclusive environment. Our objective is to help develop more engaged, innovative, and impactful scientists. Bias and inequity have been and remain present in the STEM community. A more inclusive and equitable environment in our Department will result from our willingness to:


●      Respect and support differences among us including race, ethnicity, color, national origin, citizenship, religious beliefs, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, political beliefs, physical ability, and age. Our community and our research are strengthened by our differences and our commonalities.

●     Evaluate departmental policies and procedures regularly to eliminate inequities that may affect those who belong to an under-represented group.

●     Participate actively in training, workshops and seminars to help identify and  prevent micro/macro-aggressions, sexual misconduct, etc.

●     Actively recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and students.

We recognize that our work to foster a more equitable and inclusive Department is not complete. All faculty, staff, and students in our Department are expected to be engaged in this important work and aware of the efforts within the College of Mines and Earth Sciences and the University of Utah (

Last Updated: 1/19/22